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Deborah Grabber
North Light Gallery 
Maine Niche Artist
Mark "Guitar" Miller
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Home On The Grange
Banks and Credit Unions
Eastmill Federal Credit Union
Benedicta 175th Year
Rush Reunion Benedicta
Complete History (PDF)
Complete History - (no footnotes)
175th Celebration Videos!
Benedicta (Pretty funny!)
Podunk (I'm not kidding!)
Benedicta Local Guide
Town Locator
Benedicta Arts Center
Birchbark Canoes
Chuck Harris's Canoes
Camp Rentals
Frost Pond Camps
Chaga Fungus - Inonotus obliquus
St. Benedict's Catholic Church
Lincoln Christian Fellowship
Camden Sailing Charters
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Katahdin Komputer
Community Calendar
Benedicta Calendar
Maine Country Charm
Election 2014
Ricky Long - District 9
Engraving and Etching
West Branch Traders
Cabin Creations
Fairs and Festivals
Fair and Festival listings
Houlton Agricultural Fair
Fruit Winemaking
Fruit Winemaking - In Maine
Gas Prices - Good'n Bad
Maine Daily Gas Prices
1837 Census Record
Aroostook County 1860 Census
Complete Maine Records
1837 Foundation of Northern ME
Good News
Heroic Stories
Up Beat
News Busters
Guide Services
Mountain Winds Guide Service
Houlton Regional Hospital
Millinocket Regional Hospital
Katahdin Valley Health Center
The Backwards of Maine
Joe Perham
Gary Crocker
Robert Skoglund
Tim Sample
Hung by the Tongue
Famous Leftist Quotes
How They Destroy USA
Kerry Must Pay!
F. A. Peabody
Reed's Insurance
Islam- a- Bad!
Mohammed Cartoons
Swedish Cartoons
Mohammed Mother lode
Prophet of Doom
Debbie Schlussel
Jihad Watch
Gates of Vienna
The JAWA Report
Truth about Israel & Islam
Baxter State Park
Mount Katahdin
Mount Katahdin Wiki
Katahdin Webcam
Qualey Excavation Inc.
Local Events
Local and Area Events
Sherman Old Home Days 2009
Local YouTube videos
Katahdin Lodge
Mountain Winds B & B
Millinocket Memorial Library
East Millinocket Public Library
Veteran's Memorial Library
Google Satellite Map
MSN Maps - Mappoint
World Atlas - Maine
Martial Arts
Eastern Maine Karate
Maine Niche
West Branch Traders
Fraser's Trading Post
Patten Lumbermen's Museum
Oakfield Railroad Museum
Nylander Nat. History Museum
Northern Maine Mus. of Science
Millinocket Historical Society
Mark "Guitar" Miller
Rick McGibbon - Irish Music
Peter and Allison Roy - Folk
The Hunt Sisters - Harmony
Dragonfly Instruments
Neat Ideas
Convert Any Measurement
Cheap Checks
News & Information
Magic City News
As Maine Goes
All Maine Matters
Benedicta story - (see page 12)
Damn Yankee
Discover Katahdin
All Things Maine


Katahdin Area Chamber Com.
Houlton Chamber of Commerce
Northern Katahdin Valley C.C.
Maine Pages
All Things Maine
Phone Directories
White Pages
Yellow Pages
Reverse Lookup
FREE Internet FAXing
Receive FREE Internet FAXes
Piano Tuner
Chuck Loucka
River View Portrait Studio
Bread and Circuses!
Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate
Obama is the AntiChrist!
Stupidest Liberal Idiot!
News Busters
Left Will End Free Press
Media Bias will get payback!
Biden the Thief!
The People's Cube
Typical Dem Candidate
Sarah Palin Acceptance Speech
Dave Barry on 2009!
Sonogram Advertisements
Abortionist of the Year
Damn Yankee
Coffee News
The Magic City Morning Star
Radio Stations
100.7 FM - Benedicta
WNUB Randumb Radio
Real Estate
Mooers Realty
Katahdin Valley Real Estate
Roofing + Siding
K&R Enterprises
Sex Offenders
National Sex Offender Registry
Katahdin High School
Katahdin Region H. E. Center
CDC Created Swine Flu!
Gore & Dems Afraid of Debate
Debunking Global Warming
Global Warming Is Bunk!
Praying for Global Warming!
New Ice Age Coming!
Alaska Glaciers Growing!
Coldest since 1893 California
Old Farmer's Almanac
Hysterical Pseudo-Religion
New! Global "little ice age"
Lie If Truth Sounds Better
OISM Institute
Sun Caused Not CO2!
Bad Data Collection
Scientists now Skeptics
Challenge to Consensus
Global DUMBing videos
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Petition Project
Creation Wiki
Download "Climategate" emails
Climate Audit blog
Global Warming Collapse
Global Warming Plotters
Fake Hockey Stick
Benedicta Snow Gang
Maine Snowmobile Assoc.
Sourdough Bread & Pizza
Nicatou Stoves Spas &Lumber
Northern Maine Adventures
Maine History Told by Mainers
How Maine Ranks
Maine Vacations Network
WEB Design
Katahdin Komputer
Temperature Extremes
Maine Cooperative Snow Survey
US Snow Monitoring
Weapons of
Mass Destruction
WMD really do exist!
Talking With Heroes
Jaz McKay

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To Commemorate the 175th year of the town of Benedicta, an updated version of Esther's Cookbook!


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"Obama Blues" video by Johnny Birmingham! 


Peter and Allison Roy singing at the Silver Star Award Ceremony 11/8/2009


Obama admits he's a Muslim!


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