The Green people on the extreme Left, coincidentally many of whom could not forge a "better" world through communist or socialist regimes worldwide, have now mounted a new assault (or hobby horse, depending on your perspective) - using what is termed "Consensus Science" to "prove" that the World is headed for an imminent Global Warming disaster. Funny thing is, the consensus was warning of Global Cooling only a quarter century ago - oh well! Whether the world is warming or cooling - as can be viewed in many of these following videos, the Earth is always doing one or the other for extended periods, without any help or interference on our part. Just 4 of the nuggets gleaned from these videos are shown here:

This page is not an attempt hijack these videos, or claim authorship - either through the name used, or the videos themselves, the authors are shown. The main reasons I guess are: I'm just old fashioned and lazy. When I watch a video, I want to be able view it later - offline (one of the reasons I always liked VCRs when they first came out) - and maybe take a neat quote found here or there and edit it into an emailable clip, or whatever. YouTube and some of the similar sites all use .flv format Flash video, and it took some looking (although not rocket science) to find a method to save the files (they hide themselves normally as unsaveable temporary files) so they could be used later. I then converted them to Real Player and Windows Media formats to allow them to be streamed and saved. Another YouTube pet peeve is the habit of breaking longer videos into many parts (no doubt to save bandwidth) - I don't know about you, but if I'm watching a TV movie, I don't want to have to change channels every 6 or 8 minutes! And, the "lazy" part, is that I wanted to have one page with what I consider all the best anti-global-whining videos, no having to search for hours to find them. When more arrive, I'll attempt to keep this updated. Enjoy!



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Doomsday Called Off

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Great Global Warming Swindle

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The Climate of Fear - Glenn Beck

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"Swindle" Director Martin Durkin on Glenn Beck

43.3 MB

17.1 MB
Glenn Beck - NYT exposes Al Gore's Distortions

63.2 MB

 25.1 MB

Global Warming Stink Test - Teaser

113 MB

46.6 MB

Global Warming Stink Test - Full Version

115 MB

156 MB

Global Warming - or not?

28 MB

11.1 MB

FOX - Scientist fired for disagreeing on Warming

18 MB

7.12 MB

Data - Global Warming Swindle

63.6 MB

25.2 MB

Junk Science

182 MB

293 MB

Global Warming Myth Lecture CTH Stink Test

160 MB

100 MB

Coming Ice Age

40.2 MB

15.9 MB

Economist - Bjorn Lomborg at TED

111 MB

44.2 MB

Myth of Manmade Global Warming

12.3 MB

10 MB

Algore's penguin army

5.46 MB

5.25 MB

Rex Murphy rips enviros

10.9 MB

10.6 MB

Why Ethanol is a Boondoggle

12.8 MB

31.5 MB

Earth is growing?

63.9 MB

25.4 MB



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